Our history

SALICA INDUSTRIA ALIMENTARIA was born in 1990 out of the merger of two canning companies from Bermeo with a long family tradition – Campos and Astorquiza – to create a new, modern and competitive production plant.

With a combined experience of more than 100 years, we have specialised in the traditional production and marketing of albacore tuna, yellowfin tuna, tuna, Mediterranean mussels from the estuaries of Galicia and anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea, both on Spanish and European markets and on other continents.

In 1999, SALICA ALIMENTOS CONGELADOS was founded as an affiliated company in Galicia and is pioneering in the production of frozen tuna. In a clear show of commitment to this new company's potential. New 6,000 M2 production plant was inaugurated in 2004, which supplies the retail and food-service industry of both the Spanish and European markets.

In 2001, SALICA DEL ECUADOR was created as part of our strategy for serving large international consumer markets. This substantial industrial complex operates as a logistics base since it has its own port near the main fishing areas of the West Pacific. It also allows us to improve in the various stages of the tuna production and marketing cycle. Subsequently, in 2004, we inaugurated the frozen pre-cooked loin plant. By 2005, this plant had incorporated canning processes. Later in 2009, the raw frozen loin plant began operation. In 2013, Salica del Ecuador expanded its facilities to diversify its canning packaging format. Consequently, the pouch line was launched in 2016. It now processes and produces both frozen products and diverse canned varieties for marketing on the primary US and European markets.

This continued evolution and growth that the company has witnessed since its inception reflects our firm commitment to expansion and our vocation to be present on different markets as a means to become more competitive, profitable and efficient.

Mission, vision and values

We offer the global market safe, quality products that contribute to consumer nutrition, health and well-being, and we do so in a sustainable and ethical way with accountability to our stakeholders.

We strive to be at the forefront of the development of fishery products, to enter new markets with a sustainable approach, promoting responsible fishing and strengthening stakeholder relations by means of technological, industrial, environmental management and social responsibility.

Our stakeholder relations are based on the values that best define us:

  • Respect: By creating an atmosphere of trust and respect for people, regulations, ethics, the environment and health and safety.
  • Honesty: By acting transparently and consistently with the truth.
  • Responsibility: By being aware of our obligations and acting in accordance with them.

And in our actions, we adopt the following principles which we pass on – together with others – to our entire supply chain:

a) Respect for Human Rights.
b) Protection of worker health and safety, by adopting the underlying principle of preventive action which includes, among other aspects, keeping up to date and fulfilling our obligations laid down in prevention regulations.
c) Compliance with the highest standards of Food Quality and Safety and other regulations applicable to our products.
d) Respect for, commitment to and protection of the Environment and Natural Resources, including the prevention of pollution.
e) The right to equal opportunities at work.
f) Prevention of corruption.


Salica industria alimentaria


Canned fish: albacore tuna, yellowfin tuna, tuna.

Salica alimentos congelados

La Puebla del Caramiñal - La Coruña

Frozen tuna products and fish-based pre-packaged and ready meals

Salica del Ecuador

Parroquia Posorja-Guayas

Frozen cooked tuna loins and canned fish


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